Metropol Wedding & Special Occasion Cakes

Birthday Cakes

Any of our cakes from a simple one layer serving 8-10 to a multi-layered sheet cake serving 120 make wonderful Birthday cakes. We can write on your cake at no charge or add flowers at market price. Custom cakes available by special order.

birthday cake
wedding cake wedding cake cake with roses

Wedding and Anniversary Cakes

white wedding cake

Our classic Tiered cakes are available in a variety of flavors, including some of our most popular house cakes. Fillings and frostings can be custom made to compliment your choice of cake. Our expert decorators can create a beautiful centerpiece cake as simple or as complex as you would like.

Wedding Cake Flavors:

Buttermilk Chocolate
Metropol Carrot (optional roasted almonds)
French Vanilla
Fresh Lemon Genoise
Fresh Orange Genoise
Vanilla Poppyseed
Orange Poppyseed
Lemon Poppyseed

Chocolate Parisienne Cream
Chocolate Parisienne Cream with Raspberries
Fresh Lemon Curd
Fresh Orange Curd
Chocolate Pudding
Amaretto Mousse
German Chocolate (coconut and pecans)
Raspberry Preserves

Chocolate Buttercream
  (including chocolate mint or chocolate almond)
Vanilla Buttercream
Chocolate Cream Cheese
Vanilla Cream Cheese
Chocolate Ganache
Fresh Lemon Buttercream
Fresh Orange Buttercream
Hazelnut Buttercream with hazelnut nougatine

Wedding Cake Sizes and Prices:

Servings Price Size
45 $227.50 (9”x3)+(6”x3)+(4”x2)
75 $373.50 (12”x2)+(9”x2)+(6”x2)
100 $500 (12”x3)+(9”x3)+(6”x3)
150 $750 (12”x4)+(9”x4)+(6”x4)

Please call for an appointment to meet with our wedding specialists. 541.465.4730. A cake tasting can be arranged for $35.

A deposit of half the total is required when the cake is ordered; the balance is due one week prior to pick-up.

Special Occasion Cakes

Half-sheet Cakes (serve 40-60)Price
Buttermilk Chocolate68.50
French Vanilla64.75
Fresh Lemon Genoise60.25
Fresh Orange Genoise60.25
Lemon Chiffon75.50
Lemon Poppyseed68.75
Orange Poppyseed68.75
Vanilla Poppyseed68.75
Icings (your choice)
Chocolate Buttercreamincluded
Vanilla Buttercreamincluded
Chocolate Cream Cheeseincluded
Vanilla Cream Cheeseincluded
Custom Icingextra
Fillings (your choice)
Chocolate Parisienne Cream35.00
Chocolate Parisienne Cream w/Raspberry40.00
Fresh Lemon Curd21.25
Fresh Orange Curd21.25
Chocolate Mocha Pudding30.00
Amaretto Mousse35.00
German Chocolate (pecan and coconut)35.00

Please call for additional sizes and custom designs. 541-465-4730

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