Other Metropol Desserts

Other Metropol Desserts

Metropol Cream Puff—a classic we’ve made from scratch for 35 years. Handbeaten French choux pastry forms the unique casing for rich crème patissiere and fresh whipped cream flavored with pure vanilla and a hint of orange liqueur. Shiny, dark chocolate ganache generously spills over the top. Servings: generally two per puff, but a dedicated addict can consume one at a sitting. $6.75

Croissant Bread Pudding—a rich twist on the usual bread pudding. Our flaky, all butter croissant baked in rich cream custard and studded with dried cranberries and roasted pecans. $5.50

chocolate moussse

Crème Brulee—the classic presentation of baked whole cream custard, capped with a caramelized sugar crust wheat-free

Mousse Cups—Dark Chocolate, Lemon, Grand Marnier, Egg Nog, Raspberry, Strawberry—what ever strikes our fancy. The secret is freshly made purees and juices, pure liqueurs and spices and lots of fresh, local heavy cream. Serving: one per cup wheat-free