Layer Cakes & Cheesecakes

Metropol cakes available everyday, whole or by the piece:

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Cake—an elegant 3 layer cake with fudgy chocolate layers, filled with a very dark chocolate mousse mixed with raspberries. Iced with vanilla whipped cream and decorated with chocolate splashes. Very rich! Serves 12-16 $73.75  wheat-free

Metropol Carrot Cake—a perennial favorite. Moist, spicy fresh carrot layers iced with vanilla cream cheese frosting and encased in roasted almonds. Available in 3 sizes:
1 layer: serves 8-10 $31.50
2 layers: serves 10-15 $48.50
3 layers: serves 16-20 $71.50

raspberry chocolate cake
buttermilk chocolate cake

Buttermilk Chocolate Cake—a Metropol bakery standard for 35 years! Dark chocolate buttermilk layers iced with dark chocolate buttercream, decorated with semi-sweet chocolate drips. Also available with vanilla cream cheese icing. We make 3 sizes:
1 layer: serves 8-10 $31.50
2 layers: serves 10-15 $48.50
3 layers: serves 16-20 $71.50

Lemon Chiffon Cake—light, fresh lemon genoise layers, filled with homemade lemon curd and crème fraiche and iced with fresh lemon infused butter cream. Available in 2 sizes:
1 layer: serves 8-10 $37.50
3 layers: serves 10-15 $65.25

birthday cake
Chocolate Amaretto cake

Chocolate Amaretto Mousse Cake—Dark Chocolate cake layered with creamy chocolate amaretto mousse, iced with dark chocolate ganache and topped with more mousse. Serves 12-16 $75.50  Also available in a single layer for $40.75.

September 7th—rich cocoa souffle layers filled with vanilla whipped cream and iced with dark chocolate ganache whipped cream. Serves 12-16 $65.25  wheat-free

Sept 7th cake
orange mocha rum cake

Orange Mocha Rum—fresh orange genoise cake lightly soaked in rum syrup, filled with a rich chocolate pudding, iced with vanilla-orange whipped cream and garnished with dark chocolate triangles and fresh oranges. Serves 12-16 $75.50

German Chocolate Cake— Dark chocolate cake layered with the classic combination of sweetened, toasted coconut and roast pecans in a rich, thick filling. Iced with chocolate buttercream. Serves 12-15 $73.75. Also available in a single layer for $40.75.

German chocolate cake

Cheesecakes—a variety of classic cheesecakes covered with fresh lemon-sour cream topping. Vanilla, Chocolate, and fruit covered Vanilla including Cherry, Oregon mixed berry, fresh Strawberry and Blueberry. Seasonal varieties also include fresh Cranberry, spicy Pumpkin and fresh Lime. Serves 10-12

• Vanilla $42.50    • Fruit-topped Vanilla $52.50     • Chocolate $52.50

Cakes Available by Special Order :

Orange Hazelnut Torte—roasted hazelnut cake layers with fresh, orange buttercream. Iced with dark chocolate ganache and decorated with glaceed hazelnuts. Our original recipe was featured by the Oregon Hazelnut Growers and our fresh, local hazelnuts come from Evonuk’s Hazelnuts. Serves 12-16  $68.50   wheat-free

Normandie Apple Walnut Cake—a spicy, fresh apple cake, drizzled with Calvados syrup and frosted with cream cheese icing. Finished with roasted, spiced walnuts. Serves 10-12 $68.50

Strawberry or Peach Gateaux—hot milk sponge cake soaked in rum syrup, topped with a mound of glazed fresh strawberries or peaches in season and lots of fresh whipped cream. Serves 8 $49.75

Poppyseed Rum Cake—French vanilla cake flavored with poppyseeds with a roasted walnut rum filling. Iced with a rich, dark chocolate buttercream. Serves 12-16 $68.50

Chocolate Monkey Cake—fresh banana cake with roasted pecans drizzled with banana liqueur, layered with vanilla cream cheese icing and finished with chocolate cream cheese icing. Decorated with chocolate dipped bananas. Serves 12-16 $75.50. Also available in a single layer for $38.50