Viennoiserie, Pastries & Cookies

Viennoiserie, Pastries & Cookies

Viennoiserie refers to a class of baked items including the ever popular croissant, the majority of which achieve their delicacy and flakiness from a process called lamination. A warm milk dough is wrapped around a piece of butter and then repeatedly folded, rolled and chilled until a minimum of a hundred layers of dough and butter are formed. When popped into a hot oven, the liquid in the butter between the layers evaporates and the shaped dough puffs up creating a light, tender pastry.

rolling dough

We’ve been making our Viennoiserie pastry in the classic French manner for over 40 years. We use only pure, local butter and carefully layer the dough over 3 days, baking it fresh every day to create a variety of shapes and flavors.

These include:


Bear Claws—with almond filling

Pain au Chocolat—the traditional after school treat of French children

Danish Pastry—our style with combinations of fresh and whole fruits, cream cheese and almond paste

Cinnamon Guys—our original cinnamon and sugar treat

Other Breakfast Pastries Baked Daily:

All-butter Scones including Orange Currant, Raspberry Jam filled, Marionberry and Lemon Poppyseed.

Walnut Sticky Buns with roasted walnuts and cinnamon

All-butter Muffins including Cinnamon Walnut, Blueberry, Orange- Cranberry, Pumpkin Walnut and seasonal varieties

Viennese Teacake A classic buttery pound cake flavored with organic vanilla and fresh lemon juice. Perfect complement to fresh fruit and whipped cream.

budapest coffee cake

Budapest Coffee Cake—the return of an old favorite—layers of roasted walnuts, cocoa and currants in a sour cream bundt cake with lemon glaze

Sugar Cookies—Our all-butter, classic sugar cookies with original designs to celebrate holidays and other special occasions. Each cookie is a unique, hand decorated treat.

We bake a wide variety of traditional cookies for specific holidays. Check our Seasonal and Holiday section for selections.


Chocolate Chip Walnut—award winning cookies with Guittard chocolate chunks and roasted walnuts

Opera Cookie—an ultra rich chocolate, espresso cookie rolled in powdered sugar—inspired by cookies served at the Vienna Opera

Oatmeal Raisin—the classic American favorite with whole rolled oats with a touch of pure vanilla

Apricot Almond Surprise—Vegan cookie with dried apricots, toasted almonds, rolled oats and semi-sweet chocolate